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Drawing Acorns

Every Fall, I’m amazed at all the different types of acorns falling from the oak trees around our neighborhood. The other day on my morning walk, I picked up several varieties as inspiration for my nature journal. Each year since living in Texas, I’ve been amazed at the giant acorns that I was not accustomed to seeing while living on the East Coast. I don’t always have the time to complete my journal pages as I would like to, but I’ve realized the important thing for me is that while on my daily walks, I’m observing my surroundings and staying in the present moment.

When I returned to my studio, I laid them out on a white piece of paper to accentuate the shadows and highlights, then I started with a pencil sketch using my HB Faber-Castell graphite pencil. When I figured I had the right proportions laid out, I went over the pencil lines with my sepia Micron pen no. 01 which makes very fine lines. Then I filled in with my Faber Castell colored pencils. I didn’t have time to finish but that’s ok! See my journal entry below.

The Bur Oak is the largest acorn in North America! This one measures 2.5"L x 2.5” in diameter and has a cute little fringe hat on top which gives it the nickname Mossy Cup. Show me your Mossy Cups on Instagram by using #colorsbycandace.



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