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The Colors of Winter

For many years, I lived near the sea on the eastern end of Long Island at the end of a quiet country road.  On one cold winter afternoon walk with my hubby, Robbie, and our cute yorkiepoo, Ollie, we came upon a tiny pond set into a cluster of dried grasses, shrubs, and trees.  I felt compelled to stop and suggested we take in the quiet scene and take notice of the winter colors.


At first glance, the pond and its surrounding scenery seemed bland compared to a gloriously vibrant summer afternoon, or autumn’s waning blazing glory.  Yet as I stood at the edge of the pond, with the sun sitting low in the December sky, I felt deep gratitude for the colors of winter.  The pond gifted me with deep blue waters, lovely shades of chocolate brown, coffee-colored tans, and what looked like tea with cream-colored grasses.  Allowing the scene to unfold, I felt a deep appreciation for the soundless, restorative beauty.


With the sun’s lower arc across the sky, the blue of the pond was deeper, richer, and more brilliant than in summer when it competes with the vibrant green grasses, mixed bouquets of brightly colored flowers, and tall trees fully in bloom. The abundant browns and creams felt restful and relaxing.  I yearned for an old, overstuffed armchair, woolly blanket, and cup of hot tea to magically appear, so I could just sit for a while and watch the flocks of starlings overhead.


If you listen, the colors of winter will speak to you in many ways.  As in nature, we collectively experience the various seasons in our lives.  The colors of spring will support new beginnings and starting projects, and summer will gift colors for long, productive days.  Fall colors will champion completions with the harvest, and the colors of winter provide rest, restoration, and a time to renew your spirit.


To restore myself this winter after a busy holiday season, I will spend more time planning, journaling, sitting quietly sipping herbal tea, taking nature walks, and clearing the clutter from my studio.  And then, when the vibrant colors of spring push through the soil with new wildflowers, shrubs, grasses, and leafy trees, I’ll be rested, relaxed, and ready to move forward on all those germinating projects.



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