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Perfect Nature Journaling Starter Set

Perfect Nature Journaling Starter Set


Want to kick start your nature journaling experience? This is the perfect kit to get you started. The pigments in this set have been specially curated and formed to team together to give you the most color in combination. These eight half pans of matte paints have been carefully and painstakingly mulled for hours (by me!), filling the pans a little at a time, 3-4 layers as each layer has dried. All the paints are made from natural earth & mineral pigments, lightfast, archival, and harvested worldwide and they contain no added fillers. What makes these paints so special is the rich pigmentation, gorgeous granulation, and the ability to blend a large variety of colors. See the color chart for some of these combinations. You can get a bright vibrant green or a dusky sage green. Mix magenta with a little lemon and a beautiful red appears. Magenta will also soften into a pale pink with more water. There are so many possibilities. Colors included are Lemon, Gold Ochre, Magenta, Venetian Red, Ultramarine Blue, French Turquoise, Green Earth, and Burnt Earth. The kit also includes A hand-painted color chart on Arches cold pressed paper, a color mixing chart, a Wild Wonder quick start guide to nature journaling, 3 pieces of 100% cotton watercolor postcard paper, and a water brush for painting on the go.

Were sold out for 2023. I'm planning to make new sets in early 2024 in time for the spring nature journaling season!
  • Further Information

    During production, pigment is mulled by hand on a glass slab with a combination of gum arabic, honey, and a food grade preservative. Each pigment has its own unique recipe that has been tested over time to ensure the perfect balance of pigment to binder. All pans are hand-poured and dried in thin layers which minimizes cracking and prevents air bubbles, ensuring the pan is as full as possible. However, some cracking is normal and will appear depending on the climate and the pigment. Cracking in the pan will not affect the use or the quality of your paint projects. When receiving your paint, I advise placing them in the freezer BEFORE UNWRAPPING for about 10 minutes, as the tops of the pan may become sticky when exposed to any humidity during shipment. This will allow you to remove the foil wrapping around each pan with ease.

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