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Shadow Box Paint Set

Shadow Box Paint Set


The Shadow Box Palette is made up of 4 magnetized half-pans of professional artist-grade paints in a medium-sized metal tin. Also included in your set is a hand-painted color chart on Arches cold pressed paper. These matte paints have been carefully and painstakingly mulled for hours, filling the pans a little at a time as each layer has dried. All the paints are made from natural earth & mineral pigments and are beautifully archival, eco-friendly, and sustainably harvested from around the world. They contain no added fillers, additives, preservatives, stabilizers, or heavy metals. Ingredients: pigment, gum arabic, honey, glycerin, trace amounts of essential oil for preservative

Violet Ochre: The pigment in this violet earth comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a beautiful earthy reddish, brownish violet made from natural iron oxide with excellent lightfastness.


Midnight: Midnight is a specialty hybrid paint made from natural pigments. Perfect for shadows and late-night skies, it is both opaque and lightfast.


Shadow Violet: Shadow Violet is a deep shimmer violet when used in full strength and with more water it makes silvery shadows.


Charcoal: This earthy black ochre is a natural iron oxide coming from a quarry in France and it is opaque with excellent lightfastness.

  • Further Information

    During production, pigment is mulled by hand on a glass slab with a combination of gum arabic, honey, and food grade preservative. Each pigment has it’s own unique recipe that has been tested over time to ensure the perfect balance of pigment to binder. All pans are hand poured and dried in thin layers which minimizes cracking and prevents air bubbles, ensuring the pan is as full as possible. However, some cracking is normal and will appear depending on the climate and the pigment. Cracking in the pan will not affect the use or the quality of your paint projects. When receiving your paints, I advise placing them in the freezer BEFORE UNWRAPPING for about 10 minutes, as the tops of the pan may become sticky when exposed to any humidity during shipment. This will allow you to remove the foil wrapping around each pan with ease.

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