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Watercolor Bluebonnet Card

Watercolor Bluebonnet Card


The original of this card is painted is beautiful watercolor blues, purples and greens to commemorate one of my favorite flowers.  Each spring, Texans eagerly await the first bluebonnets to appear in gardens, parks and along the highways.  “Bluebonnet” is the common name for a few species of wildflower lupines that thrive in inferior soil with full sun. That means that you’ll often see large fields of bluebonnets on heavily grazed land, land that has experienced recent fires, and land that has been mown, such as roadsides.  When President Lyndon Johnson was in office, from 1963 to 1969, his wife "Lady Bird" made the beautification of highways and the seeding of wildflowers one of her prime causes.  Lady Bird was our first environmentalist first lady and she actively encouraged the spread of wildflowers along Texas roads and highways. She did that in part by rewarding the highway department engineers for integrating sustainable landscaping into their road designs. 

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    These folded cards are made with 325gsm/220LB premium, matte card stock and are blank on the inside. They measure 4.6" x 7.2" and come with a white envelope. Cards are sold individually.

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