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Best Watercolor Paints for Journaling

When I set out on my nature walks and hikes, I carry a limited palette of paints, but I want to have just the right colors to express nature's beauty. Here are three sets of watercolor paints that I highly recommend and love.

1. Colors by Candace - Nature Journaling Palette Set & Kit - $79

My favorite paints for Nature Journaling are without a doubt my handmade Nature Journaling Palette. The pigments in this set have been specially curated and formed to team together to give you the most color in combination. These eight pans of matte paints have been carefully and painstakingly mulled for hours (by me!), filling the pans a little at a time, 3-4 layers as each layer has dried. The pigments are harvested from sources worldwide and they contain no added fillers. What makes these paints so special is the rich pigmentation, gorgeous granulation, and the ability to blend a large variety of colors. See the color mixing chart for some of these combinations. You can get a bright vibrant green or a dusky sage green. Mix magenta with a little lemon and a beautiful red appears. Magenta will also soften into a pale pink with more water. There are so many possibilities. Colors included are Lemon, Gold Ochre, Magenta, Venetian Red, Ultramarine Blue, French Turquoise, Green Earth, and Burnt Earth. The kit also includes A hand-painted color chart on Arches cold pressed paper, a color mixing chart, a Wild Wonder quick start Nature Journaling Guide, 3 pieces of 100% cotton watercolor postcard paper, and a water brush for painting on the go. You can purchase this set through my shop here.

2. Winsor & Newton Cotman - Sketcher’s Pocket Set - $20

You can’t beat this set for the price! It’s a sweet little set that fits right into your pocket or fanny pack ready to take along on your journaling hikes into the wilderness. This is my favorite set to recommend for children although adults can fully enjoy it as well. Conveniently compact, this portable set consists of a sturdy plastic box with mixing palettes, a pocket brush, and 12 half pans in a plastic case. Colors include Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Pale Hue, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue Hue, Viridian Hue, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Chinese White. It also includes a small travel brush. You can purchase this set here on Dick

3. Art Tool Kit - Folio Palette with Assorted Pans - $50

If you are an artist like me who must always have all your favorite paint colors with you at all times, then this is the kit for you. This palette does not include paint, but it does come with a rust-proof hinged aluminum case, 1 mixing pan, XL mixing Pan, 3 double pans, 6 standard pans, 12 mini pans, a magnetic tray, and a reusable cloth drawstring logo pouch. You’ll need to fill the refillable paint pans with the watercolor paint of your choice. You can purchase the Folio set here on Art Toolkit.

Here's a look at the Folio kit that I carry when I want to change up my paints. I love paint and I love color so I am always experimenting and changing out my colors. I modified the kit to hold 28 standard pans and one double pan. I also carry a small pocket palette from Art Toolkit filled with 2-3 empty mixing pans that I use for mixing on the spot.




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